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Procedure written by Splitpair

**Important Disclaimer**

Before you attempt any physical changes to your apartment of condo, please contact the property managers or owners. Any work or changes may be a violation of your lease.

Installing a home run using the existing IW (Inside Wire).

In order for this to work properly, three items must be present. You need an Inside Network Interface (INI) installed, there must be an existing jack where you want to connect your ADSL modem and there must be a spare pair of wires in the cable between the INI and that jack.

Note: Not all apartments have an INI (or it may not be accessible). Locating and separating the incoming lines from your inside wiring (although sometimes very easy even though there is no INI) is not within the scope of a DIY project. If you do not have an INI, you can request one be installed by the Telephone Company. You could even request a dedicated INI splitter be installed but you may be charged for the additional work.

The first thing to do is determine where the telephone service enters your home. This is the point where the Telephone Company installed the INI. Common areas are kitchens, hall closets, laundry rooms, and bedrooms.


Before doing any rewiring, check all the jacks in the home to be sure all are in good order. Its not uncommon to find a jack that is out of service and its better to know this before rewiring, rather than finding it dead after the work is done and trying to figure out what went wrong.

Disconnect the feed to the subscriber side of the INI by removing the modular cord located on the bottom of the INI from its jack. Completely remove the plug from the jack to prevent it from creeping back into the jack on its own.

Using a flat blade screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the cover and then remove the cover.

Inside the INI you will find your IW in the lower section which I will refer to as the subs side of the INI, and the Telcos wiring in the upper part. Do not access or do any rewiring in the upper Telco section.

Make careful notes of how the wiring is connected and then disconnect all the conductors from the subs side of the INI.

Open up the standard wall jack where the ADSL modem is to be installed by removing the faceplate screws and then carefully removing the jack from the wall. Disconnect the IW from the jack and strip off a small amount of insulation from the end of the first pair (w/bl or r/g) and attach your ohmmeter or buzzer to this pair.

Now at the INI, short (that is, connect together the two wires that make up the pair) one pair and only one pair of your IWs at a time until you see the short (zero or nearly zero ohms) on your meter or the buzzer sounds. Once located, mark the IW and/or clearly separate it from the other IWs as two pairs from this IW will be needed to give you the homerun with splitter install, while the other IWs will be bridged to the voice side of the inside splitter at the INI.

Disconnect the meter or buzzer.


Start by connecting the w/bl - bl/w pair of the IW you located to the ring and tip binding posts of the INI.

Tighten securely and then using the ScotchLoc connectors, connect the w/o - o/w to the other IWs you removed from the EBN.

Dress the wires back into the INI and replace the cover, but DO NOT reconnect the modular cord at this time.


At the desired location of the ADSL Modem, remove the mounting ring of the disconnected jack and set it aside.

Connect the w/bl - bl/w pair to the network terminals of the splitter and then connect the w/o - o/w pair to the voice terminals.

Then dress back any remaining pairs to prevent shorts or grounds and carefully push the inside splitter into the wall box and fasten in place with the supplied hardware.

Reconnect the modular cord at the INI and test for sync at the ADSL jack on the inside splitter. Also, dont forget to check all the other jacks in your home for dialtone.

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