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Using Windows 95/98/98SE
1. Double-click My Computer on your desktop. You should see an icon that says Control Panel.
2. Double-click Control Panel.
3. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
4. Click the Windows Setup tab.
5. Double-click the Communications component.
6. Uncheck the Dial-Up Networking component.
7. Click OK until you are back at your desktop.
8. Reboot your computer.

1. Insert your Windows 95/98 CD. If it AutoPlays, close the window it opens.
2. Follow steps 1 - 5 above. On step 6, check the Dial-Up Networking component.

To reinstall RAS in NT:
You must either have the Windows CD or CAB files in order to perform this.

1. From the Control Panel open up Network and then go to the Services tab. Select Remote Access Service and click Remove. Select Close and reboot. When the computer is back up go back to this screen and click Add.
2. Select Remote Access Service and then OK.
3. Select the modem and then OK.
4. Click on Continue
5. Click Close and then reboot.
6. Make a new connection.

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last modified: 2006-07-24 23:56:15