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how-to block ads

An increasingly popular method of spam delivery is using the Windows Messenger Service. Not to be confused with MSN Messenger, the chat program, the Windows Messenger Service is used by certain applications and system administrators to notify users of important events. An example of the spam follows:

So how do you prevent it? First, we should note that the ability to receive this spam may indicate a more serious problem: your computer's NetBIOS ports are open. Please see our Security Forum for more info on NetBIOS. The easiest solution is to install a firewall such as ZoneAlarm. Or if you are using Windows XP, you could enable the built in firewall.

If you'd like to completely disable the Messenger Service (please note this may disable some important alerts from firewalls or other programs designed to use the Messenger Service), follow these steps: (courtesy of guyver01 )

Click on the "Start" button.
Right-Click on "My Computer"
Choose "Manage" from the menu that appears.
In the left column Highlight "Services and Applications"
In the right column Double-Click on "Services".
Double-Click on the service called "Messenger".
Click the "Stop" button to stop the service.
Change the "Startup Type:" to "Manual"
Click "Apply".
Click "OK".
Close "Computer Management"

*If your computer is connected to a corporate network, please consult your System Administrator before making any changes!

More resources:
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Full instructions for stopping pop-ups.

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