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When using ASMTP (Authenticated SMTP), You will make a one-time change to your email logon settings. Once done, you will be able to send email from abroad or from home, without switching settings back and forth.

ASMTP also allows EarthLink members to send email while using non-EarthLink networks, such as, office network (unless that network doesnt permit connections to outside mail servers). In short, as long as you have an EarthLink account, you will not need to connect to the internet through EarthLink in order to use the ASMTP servers.

Send email from almost any location:
• From abroad, using International roaming
• From home, while connected to EarthLink
• From the office (unless the office LAN does not permit connections to outside mail servers)
• From any location, using any enternet service EarthLink members that use any of the email programs, listed below, are encouraged to change the email settings and start using ASMTP right away:

Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP:
• EarthLink TotalAccess 2003
• Microsoft Outlook 2000
• Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0-5.5
• Netscape Communicator 4.x
• Netscape 6.0-6.2 Mail

Mac OS 7.0.1-9.2:
• Outlook Express 5.0
• Netscape Messenger 4.5-4.71

Mac OS X:
• Mail

If you know how to change email settings:
• Outgoing or SMTP server name: "" and specify port 587
• Server requires authentication using the full EarthLink email address and password

If you do not know how to change email settings, or for more detailed information, go to:

Authenticated SMTP - Using EarthLink's Authenticated Mail Server to Send Mail

Original version:
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Older versions of EarthLinks email software do not support ASMTP. If you are using EarthLink 5.0 or earlier for email and wish to take advantage of ASMTP, upgrade to the newer software, TotalAccess Application, available for download at:


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