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Use the CD provided in your installation kit and see SBC Support for more information.
Or, do it manually using the following as the PPPoE login
Username: sbcyahooreg@sbcglobal.net
Password: sbcyahooreg
And go to the following URL to complete registration
If you are an existing customer, that is NOT the address you should use to migrate. See this FAQ for instructions on how to migrate.

New information as of May 2007:

For help registering with Vista: »att.net/vista

If an att.net domain is desired for userid/email register here: »helpme.att.net/register

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I purchased ATT Wireless Router with DSL Modem, but it did not contain a CD. I have managed to register existing computer, but am unable to register Blue Tooth Lap Top. Should I use the original CD sent to me when I signed up for ATT DSL?

    2010-04-05 14:04:16

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