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As most all are aware of by now, SBC has official support on the site (as well as unofficial). What many don't know is our actual jobs. So far there are 4 official techs and several unofficial techs that drop by to help from time to time.

kmac1 See Profile aka Ken and Matthew See Profile aka Matt are both ASI-LFO techs now doing online support. They work with Advanced Solutions Inc. a subsidierary of SBC that is responsible for the data transport from the Central Office to your MPOE.

CCCMTech See Profile aka Rick is a SBC ISP tech. I am responsible for anything non-transport related as it pertains to SBC. Latency beyond the CO, email issues, questions about services, browsing, connectivity, etc. are all ISP related functions. I am in technical support of the ISP not sales but I can help you work with EPC to place the order or billing to look into your bill.

David See Profile, A Network Center Technician (NCT) in the Earth City (Saint Louis) data service center. Here to assist Ken, Matt, and Ricky, with Center issues and to assist customers as well. You can find me here reading most times, and have been known to be up really late some nights.

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