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  • FAQ: Adelphia HSI newsgroup (NNTP) access
Adelphia Communications has partnered with industry leader Giganews. This partnership launched in January 2004 and offers improvements in percentage of news article completeness and news article retention for both text and binary articles.

Adelphia NNTP settings

Username: Head of Household email address. Example: username@adelphia.net
Password: Head of Household email password.

The Adelphia High-Speed Internet news service offers each customer a generous 5 gigabyte per month download volume that can be enjoyed amongst all household email accounts. News service users that wish to download more than 5 gigabytes per month can purchase additional volume directly from Giganews.

Important Note: If you purchase additional volume from Giganews, you will receive a different username and password combination to login to the additional service. You will contact Giganews directly for support.

To check your Adelphia newsgroup usage, goto »www.adelphia.net . Log-in then click the "Products" tab at the top and click the "Newsgroups" catergory. There will be a button marked "click here" in the left column on the page.

Adelphia was sold to Time Warner Cable and Comcast cable August 2007, so these instructions no longer apply since Adelphia no longer exists.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I followed the instructions. After logging in and clicking the "products" tab, no "newsgroups" category existed. Please advise.

    2008-01-01 11:09:52

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