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We must have the answers to these 11 questions before we can help you. Simply put N/A for any that do not apply to you. There are no shortcuts to being helped, as we need this info.

1. A Tweaks test from this page. Simply post the test's URL. Please make yourself pingable.

2. The closest of 2 speed tests from the Speakeasy Test Sites page. Please note the URLs of both result pages for us.

3. A Line Quality test from here. Please copy and post the URL in the red box! This could take a while, so you might run this first. If it's too backed up, do it later, if requested.

4. What type of Internet connection you have (DSL, Cable, Wireless, or Satellite), who your ISP (Internet service provider) is and the make, model and type of your modem.

5. If DSL, do you use PPPoE connection software? (Do you have to connect to the Internet?)

6. If PPPoE, which one -- WinPoet, Enternet, RASPPPoE, WinXP Native, etc?

7. Which operating system you use -- Windows 98/98SE/ME/2K/XP, etc.

8. What your advertised speeds are (ask your ISP).

9. If your PC is on a network and/or using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or VPN.

10. If you use a NAT router (Linksys, Netgear, etc.) for sharing your connection, and if so, the brand and model of your router.

11. How far you are (if using DSL) from the CO (Central Office). Keep in mind that further than 10,000 feet can significantly degrade speeds. Click here to find your distance, or simply ask your ISP.

Satellite Users Note: The tests listed here will likely not return accurate results and will probably be a waste of time for most satellite broadband users. If you would like more information about tweaking your connection, consider posting in the
Satellite Forum.

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