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Here is what you need to do to stop Norton Internet Security from blocking the direcway usage page from loading. This will prevent the loop effect you get and the page will load properly. So here it is!

1) Go to the NIS (Norton Internet Security) main page.

2) Click the options tab up near the top of the main page.

3) Next choose Internet Security > The Norton Internet Security Options Window will come up.

4) Now click on the Advanced Options page > The Norton Internet Security Advanced window will come up.

5) Now you will click on Add Site near the bottom left hand corner.

A) New Site/Domain window will come up

B) Type in the bar www.mydirecway.com then click okay

6) Next click on and highlight www.mydirecway.com in the left hand pane

A) Move to the right hand side and click on the tab above the right hand pane that says Privacy

B) Now check mark the box by use these rules for mydirecway.com

C) Now choose (PERMIT) cookies, (PERMIT)Referer, (PERMIT) Browser and (BLOCK) email then click apply

Now you want to repeat Step 5 and 6 but type in www.direcpc.com this time. After you complete these steps again, then click OK until you are back at the main window.

Then disable NIS and then restart NIS.

Now go to mydirecway and click on the Check My Usage Link and it should work now.

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