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First, a primer:

Most standard telephone wall jacks are wired with 2 "pairs" of wire to handle two different phone numbers. These pairs are sometimes referred to as the "inner pair" (or line1) and the "outer pair" (line2). By default, the wall jack should be wired so your primary/main phone number uses the inner pair. Your 3220-H (the "newer" one with the blue box logo on the front) is expecting the DSL signal to be present on the outer pair. It should have come with 2 phone cords, one blue and one green. Which one you use is determined by which pair in the wall jack has the DSL signal. Put another way, which line/phone number is subscribed to your DSL service.

To determine which cord to use:

Does your residence have more than one phone number?

If NO, then use the BLUE cord. Note that it is labeled as to what end to plug into the modem.

If YES, is your primary/main phone number the one "subscribed" for DSL service? If YES, use the BLUE cord as above, otherwise use the GREEN.

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last modified: 2002-12-12 13:44:00