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In cases as with other components, the choices are endless. Generally for a cruncher you can select an inexpensive model; however, if you will be in and out of it often to add or change things, you will want a more substantial and accommodating case. Other considerations are cooling and layout; you want to be able to circulate air with as little obstruction as possible.

You can spend a lot of money on a case, and get all sorts of LED lights and gimmicks, but it's probably a good idea to spend that money on other components, and get an adequate case for your use. The following example is an old one, but representative of a good choice.

ChiefTech 601-AE

Server size tower: 21" high, 19" deep, black or white.

This case is readily available, and is a cheaper cousin to the Antec cases. It comes with or without a power supply, and is usually priced at around $54 without.

The case includes two case fans (not the best quality, but sufficient) and two drop-out 3.5 inch bays. CD-ROM and similar drives load from the front, on guides that are included.

Not a bad case, for the money.

There are many different models and are manufactured by different companies, but the case design is the same. This is a solid, well-built case, and can take a beating. Loaded with all the goodies, they can weigh up to 50 lbs.

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last modified: 2008-01-28 21:35:54