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Changes made to the mail server (Dec 2010)
The new POP3 server will refuse plain text authentication unless you are using SSL. You will need to change your mail client to select APOP or MD5 Challenge/Response and/or select port 995/SSL

pop username has to be username@domain
"fred@dslr.net" not just "fred"
password is your password
authentication method is either APOP or MD5-CRAM
port is 110 or 995 (with 'use SSL' checked)

Successful setup using Thunderbird email client:


Outlook Express:

Fetchmail: (By nwrickert See Profile)

Here's my ".fetchmailrc" entry

skip dslr via mail.dslr.net proto apop
user ********@dslr.net with pass "********" ssl is ******** here

The "skip" means to not automatically use this entry. I use fetchmail dslr to specify it. Change "skip" to "poll" to have that mailbox automatically checked whenever fetchmail is run.

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last modified: 2012-05-15 08:37:32