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Initially, your password for the DSLR Mail account is the same as your site password.

However - Your password at DSLR is limited to 12 characters ... characters beyond that are ignored. For the POP server, just enter the first 12 characters of it, or change to a 12 character password on DSLR.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I would suggest adding as a point of interest that the mail server is now using dovecot instead of an old tpop3 server. This changes/limits the character set/password length combination members can use as before they were more advanced. In the past the mail server would function with advanced character sets with lengthy passwords. After the site move I have to use a very simple easy to remember word or the mail server will freak out with ERR Authentication errors with Outlook 2010 connecting to it. Although the DSLR.com site will allow for an advanced character set/password length, the mail server (as it uses the same password as site login) will not allow for such a password to be used and ultimately... you will fail to login to user@dslr.net.

    2013-08-31 15:57:21 (Dustyn See Profile)

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