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There are three ways to gain access to the Cayman configuration interface, Web Browser(HTTP), Telnet Session and Maintenance Console.
All three procedures are discussed here in detail. The Telnet Session and Maintenance Console procedures are a little more demanding because it requires a little knowledge of the Command Line Interface.

By far, the easiest way to gain initial access to your Cayman Router is to browse into the web interface. If the router has never been configured, it will, by default, have an ethernet IP address of; subnet mask It will also act as a DHCP Server, automatically giving out IP addresses starting at
If you wish to use DHCP and want the Cayman to assign an IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS to your workstations (in Windows), select the options to "Obtain IP Address Automatically" and leave the Default Gateway section empty.

To see if you can access the Cayman configuration interface, open your web browser and put into the URL bar. Another option to try would be http://cayman-dsl.
If you pull up a Cayman menu or password prompt, you have, for the most part accomplished your goal covered in this FAQ. To move onto the Password Challenge, please refer to this FAQ.
If the connection times out, read on!

Each possible problem (listed below) can be overcome with determination and time. The simple and time saving solution would be to acquire a DB9 male to DB9 female serial cable and set up a connection profile in a terminal emulation program. Hyperterminal is one such emulator and it comes standard on all Windows Operating Systems and can be easily configured. The instructions to perform a full reset to factory default removing any old settings a previous owner may have configured can be found here under option 2.

If you don't care for the simple route, then read on.

Possible reasons for not being able to gain initial access to your Cayman Router:

1. The Cayman Default IP Address may have been changed to something other than

    Possible Solution:
      Open a Command Prompt by going to Start > Run > and type in CMD and click OK. In the box that opens up, type in ipconfig and hit enter. Look for "Default Gateway" and that should be the IP Address of the Cayman. Use this IP as the URL in the web browser as explained above and you should be at the challenge screen.

    Possible Solution2:
      Try to open a Telnet Session. Follow these instructions
      Open up the Command Prompt and type in: telnet (or IP obtained from ipconfig command from above example) and hit enter.

      If you get a Prompt to Login, then the problem could be the Cayman Web (HTTP) port may have been changed. See step 2 below to correct.

      Another possible reason you gain access from the Telnet Session and not the Browser could be the Security Settings in your Web Browser are set too high. See step 4 to correct.

      If you did NOT get a Login Prompt, a possible solution would be Step 3

    2. The Cayman Web (HTTP) Port may have been changed to something other than 80.

      To correct the Web (HTTP) Port number, follow these instructions.
      Telnet back into the Cayman
      From the Prompt,
      Type in configure and hit enter
      Type in set servers web-http and hit enter
      Type in 80 and hit enter
      Type in save and hit enter
      Type in quit and hit enter
      Type in restart and hit enter
      Once the reboot completes, you should be able to Browse into the Cayman.

    3. The Cayman LAN Administration may have been disabled which will not allow any access to the Cayman from the Browser or Telnet.

      To correct the LAN Admin being disabled, follow these instructions.
      Hook up a Serial Cable to the Cayman and the Serial (Com1) Port on back of your PC.
      Set up a connection profile in a terminal emulator program (Hyperterminal is what I use).
      Settings will be: 9600, 8, N, 1, none
      Connect to the Cayman.

      Once the connection is made, hit enter until you get login:

        At the Cayman-DSLxxxxx prompt:
        Type in configure then hit enter
        Type in view ip ethernet A restrictions then hit enter
        if it is set to"admin disabled" correct with the following
        Type in set ip ethernet A restrictions then hit enter
        you will see the following choices:
        {none|admin disabled|admin only}

        Type in none then hit enter
        Type in save then hit enter
        Type in quit then hit enter
        Type in restart then hit enter
        after the reboot, you should be able to browse back into the Cayman

    4. Your current Browser Security Settings may have been set too high.

      Possible Solution:
        Set your browsers security level back to "Default Level"

    Happy Surfing!

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