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Sometimes we may find simple Windows objects like scroll bars and buttons missing. We know they should be there, but they are not anywhere to be seen. What might be happening? Lets look at a few threads and see if there is not a common cause for problems like this.

Namvet s problem with Accept/Not Accept Button Missing
[W98] OH NO not AGAIN

Kramers problem with missing scroll bar in Outlook 2000s rule wizard.
Outlook 2K Rules and Scroll Bar

As we see in both of these incidents, changing the fonts of an individual object or changing the fonts system-wide can give us bizarre results. We really need to change font sizes sometimes, but we need to be aware that when things dont appear, as they should, this can be the cause. Here are a few pertinent articles.

Changing Font Size Removes Color Customizations in Windows XP

How to Change the Font, Size, and Colors of Desktop Items

Cannot See the Word "Start" on the Start Button

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