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As noted in this topic: »Seller and Buyer ratings system an automated review system has been implemented for this forum. To submit a review, please follow the direction at that link. Do not submit a review as feedback to this FAQ entry.

Reviews Part III and Part IV have been imported into the new system. This covers member reviews back to the beginning of 2003. If you've been reviewed, check your profile page to make sure that everything looks okay. If you see something erroneous send me a note and I'll look into it.

With the new system in place reviews, are no longer being accepted via PM. If you wish to rate a buyer/seller you should visit the topic and click the 'rate this seller' or 'rate a buyer' link in the original post.

In order for those options to appear, the appropriate radio button [FS], [WTB], [WTT] must be selected when the topic is created. If the review option does not appear in your topic you'll need to edit it, if the topic is too old for an edit you should contact a forum moderator with the 'hey-mods' function to get it corrected.

When a review is lodged using this system, it will show immediately in your user profile page. If you wish to contest a review you should contact a forum moderator immediately using the 'hey-mods' function.

** There is a zero-tolerance policy for abuse of the review system. **

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • What about the ability for the buyer to submit a second review of a second item purchased from the same thread.....after the first had been purchased and rated. I just recently purchased 2 vid cards from rr_conductor and would like the ability to rate a second time (positive).

    2011-02-11 08:46:15 (Masque See Profile)

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