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Acceptable items are going to be items which are obviously home broadband/computer related, such as DSL modems, satellite gear, cable modems, and all supporting hardware; NICs, hubs, routers, cabling, telco modems, and the computer equipment to run them. That would be any computer component or *required* peripherals such as mice, keyboards, switches, complete computers, monitors, video cards, and such.

Allowed Items List

* A/V Accessories & Cables
o Antennas
o Audio Cables & Connectors
o Blank Media
o Headphones, Headsets
o Maintenance & Care
o Mounts & Brackets
o Remote Controls
o Surge Protection, Filtration
o Video Cables & Connectors
o Other A/V Accessories

* Apple iPod, MP3 Players

* MP3 Accessories
o Car Kits
o Car Chargers
o Cases
o Cassette Adapters
o Docks, Cradles
o FM Transmitters
o Headphones, Earbuds
o MP3 Batteries
o Remotes
o Skins
o Speakers
o USB Cables
o Other MP3 Accessories

* Televisions
o HDTV Receivers, Tuners
o LCD Flat-Panel TVs
o Plasma TVs
o Portable TVs
o Rear Projection TVs
o Standard Tube TVs
o TV/DVD/VCR Combos
o TV Accessories

* DVD & Home Theater
o DVD Players
o DVD Recorders
o DVD/VCR Combo Players
o Home Theater Projectors
o Home Theater Systems
o Laserdisc Players
o TiVo, Digital Video Recorders
o VCRs

* Portable Audio/Video
o Boomboxes
o Cassette Players
o CD Players
o MiniDisc Players
o Portable DVD Players
o Portable Media Centers
o Portable Radios
o Speakers
o Voice Recorders
o Portable A/V Accessories
o Other Portable Audio
* GPS Devices
o Accessories & Cables
o Automotive GPS Devices
o Marine GPS Devices
o Recreational GPS Devices
o Maps, Software
o Tracking Devices

* Car Electronics
o Car Alarms & Security
o Car Amplifiers
o Car Audio In-Dash Units
o Car CD Changers
o Car Speakers & Speaker Systems
o Car Video & Navigation
o Radar, Laser Detectors
o 12-Volt Portable Appliances
o Other Car Electronics

* Home Audio
o Amplifiers
o CD Players & Recorders
o Digital Music Players/Servers
o Equalizers
o Karaoke
o MiniDisc Players
o Preamplifiers
o Processors
o Radios
o Receivers
o Shelf, Compact Systems
o Speakers & Subwoofers
o Tuners, AM/FM
o Turntables
o Turntable Parts & Accessories
o Other Home Audio

* Batteries & Chargers
o General-Use Batteries
o Battery & Charger Combos
o Battery Chargers
o Battery Testers

* Gadgets & Other Electronics
o Air Purifiers
o Breathalyzers
o Calculators
o Digital Clocks & Clock Radios
o Dictionaries & Translators
o eBooks
o Home Automation
o Laser Pointers
o Metal Detectors
o Radiation Detectors
o RF Locators
o Timers
o Surveillance
o Voltage Converters
o Weather Devices

* Radios: CB, Ham & Shortwave
o 2-Way Radios, Walkie Talkies
o CB Radio
o Ham Radio
o Marine Radio
o Scanners
o Shortwave Radio
o Other CB, Ham & Shortwave

* Satellite Radio
o Sirius
o XM Radio
o Satellite Radio Accessories

* Satellite, Cable TV
o Cable TV Boxes
o Satellite Dishes
o Satellite Receivers, High Def.
o Satellite Receivers, Standard
o Satellite Systems
o Satellite, Cable TV Accs
o Other Satellite, Cable TV

* Telephones & Pagers
o Answering Machines
o Caller ID Boxes
o Calling Cards
o Corded Telephones
o Cordless Telephones
o Telephone Headsets
o Pagers
o Phone Jacks

* Vintage Electronics
o 8-Track Players
o Amplifiers, Tube Amps
o Books, Manuals, Magazines
o Capacitors
o Cassette Decks
o Drivers & Horns
o Preamplifiers, Tube Preamps
o Radios
o Receivers
o Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders
o Speakers
o Transformers
o Tubes
o Tuners, Tube Tuners
o Turntables
o Accessories & Cables
o Home Audio
o DVD Players
o Laser Disk Players
o Televisions
o Telephones & Pagers

* Radio Control Vehicles, Parts & Access.

* Digital Photography Equipment

This is by no means a complete list of allowed items.
It will be added to as items not on the list are sold.

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