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This is a new site feature, designed to try to reduce some of the shortened word abbreviations used in posts, also known as "board slang," to make all posts more intelligible to everyone using the site.

In the words of one of our esteemed site users, Yazdzik:

"One would hope that one might notice that DSLR is trying to avoid chat room acronyms, as well as improve the 'tone' of the posting. 'ur' is simply not necessary to those who can read and write standard English, and, unless some deeply rooted anti-establishment political message need be implied, it looks unnecessarily sloppy. If one cannot write the 'f' word for shock value, as even I sometimes do, using it out of callous nonchalance for the dignity of language is abusive of the freedoms inherent in the internet.
'OMFG' or WTF or BTW are puerile, and do nothing to enhance the communicative endeavour."

If you have included certain abbreviated words in your post, usually more than once in that post, you will see the following screen when you go to review it:

The words that are flagged will appear in red. Simply return to your edit screen, fix these words and review again.
[Edit: right now, the target words are not appearing, so it's not easy to see which ones are hindering your post. Try just making sure all your words are spelled rather than abbreviated and that words like "gonna" aren't used.]

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last modified: 2008-02-23 09:46:27