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Disclaimer: Entering the EXPERT mode on the modem is intended for qualified personnel. This information does not imply official support from BellSouth or BroadBand Reports.

Summary: The ability to enter Expert Mode requires a special, individualized code that is available through a third party website. You will be required to telnet into the STH, get a product code, and enter that code into the third party website. The website will in turn give you the Expert Mode Challenge String which you will then enter in the modem interface. Please reference the following instructions.

Before you can access the modem interface, your NIC must be configured for an IP address within the subnet of the STH. By default the STH interface is set for If you do not have an IP address in this range set on your NIC you will not be able to access the interface. To configure the NIC correctly please reference this STH NIC Configuration FAQ.

After verifying your system is configured for the correct IP address, you can continue as follows:
  1. Open the Run Command by clicking on Start then Run. Type telnet in the field.
  2. A DOS window will open and you should see the User prompt. Do not enter anything, simply hit Enter. If you see a password prompt, enter the system password you set. Now you should see a banner printed on the screen with a "=>" prompt.
  3. The actual syntax to get the prompt for entering EXPERT mode varies by firmware.
      • If you have firmwares .261 or below, type EXPERT.• If you have firmwares .264 or above, type td prompt.
  4. After that command, you should now see a prompt similar to this (varies by firmware):
    Access to expert mode is intended for qualified personnel
    only. Press ENTER to return to user mode.

    'SpeedTouch (00-00-00-00-00-00)'
    Password :
  5. Copy the product code from your STH as shown above. An example would look like 'SpeedTouch (00-90-D0-12-34-56)'. This is the code you will enter on the third party website to get the challenge string.
  6. To obtain the challenge string, visit this website: Alcatel Expert Mode Challenge String Retrieval Site, answer the questions, and paste in the product code you copied.
  7. The website will give you a challenge string that will be something like "1552815226". Copy the number you receive.
  8. Enter the challenge string into the password prompt of the STH and hit return.
  9. If all went well, you will see (varies by firmware):
    Switched to 'Trace & Debug' prompt.

    Return to Normal mode by typing NORMAL

  10. Congratulations, you have successfully entered EXPERT mode! If you get an error message, please verify that you entered the challenge string properly into the website, as well as entering the number correctly in the telnet session.
  11. To obtain line statistics from the modem, you can go to the STH Line Statistics FAQ.
  12. For more details about the Alcatel Command Line Interface (CLI) please reference the STH CLI Guide.

    Andy Houtz

    Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
    • The referred Challenge String retrieval site seems to be down. Here's another one that's working: http://www.rigacci.org/alcatel/

      2007-12-03 22:59:07

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    last modified: 2003-11-26 08:42:34