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The problem with all Audio/Video streaming applications is they use dynamic ports. The only thing you may be able to do is run a single NetMeeting session outbound (Cayman can be configured for NetMeeting). This would mean that only the PC behind the router could go out, not the other way around. Also the receiving computer would have to be configured as a NetMeeting server for this to work. It is really important that you understand that this is *one-way only* outbound only, one session only.

This isn't a very desirable solution. Because of the inbound/outbound nature of your desired app, plus the wide range of dynamic ports being used, it is difficult to make this work with any NAT-based router solution, IF you're using standard Dynamic IP addressing.

SOLUTIONS - The alternatives remain temporarily putting the Cayman in bridged mode, turning off NAT and making it function similar to a modem, OR setting up dedicated Static IP to your PC from your ISP. -- Since you want to use this for a one-time only application, maybe bridged mode is the way to go (change back the configuration afterward).

Original answer provided by Gandalf99.

More info can be seen here: »www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/ ··· ault.asp

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