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3 basic ways, But first,, Understand what red-eye is

Red eye is when the light from the flash goes into the eye of the victim , uh, I mean subject, and bounces off their retina (The "film screen" in the back of your eye). The blood vessels in the retina turn the reflected light red, which is, in turn picked up by the camera.

1) Red-eye reduction thats built into the camera. This shines a small light, or fires a strobe at the subject that forces the subjects iris to shrink down, thereby reducing redeye.

2) Have your subject look a smidge to the left or right of the camera (just hold up a finger with your free hand about 8-12 inches off the side of your camera).. Or, move your flash off the camera. (Slave strobe or PC triggered strobe, But these are expensive and bulky). Just having the subjects eye not looking directly down the lens of the camera, will reduce the light reflected off their retina showing up on the final image.

3) Make a Bounce diffuser. This one is easy.. rotate your flash head up towards the ceiling, Now tape a white business card to the back of your flash, overhanging where the light comes out, and Viola.. A bounce diffuser. The light comes out of the flash, bounces off the white card, and the ceiling and evenly illuminates your subject, while reducing redeye.

Hope this helps you, Give these ideas a try, and above all else, Have Fun!!

addendum by your friendly neighborhood editor... take a look at Red-eye control for a somewhat more elaborate explanation, as well as additional hints...

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