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If you're trying to take macro shots or time exposure shots, professional photographers will recommend that you use a cable release or remote control to release the shutter. The smallest vibrations can blur your whole picture, even if you've got the camera mounted on a tripod.

But what if your camera doesn't have a threaded shutter release for a cable, or a remote control? You can use the camera's self timer instead to get the same result. Almost all cameras have a self-timer, and some digital cameras even have a special 2-second timer in addition to a longer 10-second timer for this purpose.

Another thing to try to minimize vibrations at medium speed shutter speeds (1/10-1/30th of a second) is to stabilize yourself against a tree or something similar. Breathing and the way you press the shutter release is also very important. I found that I got best results when exhaling and holding my breath. And holding the shutter release button also helped me stabilize the camera.

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