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Follow these directions to reset the Cayman password. This will also set the Cayman back to factory default, meaning none of the previous setting will be saved.

    • Hook up a Serial Cable (DB9Male to DB9Female) to the Cayman and Serial Port (Com 1) on your machine.

    • Set up a connection profile in a terminal emulator program ( Like Hyperterminal). Settings will be:
    9600, 8, N, 1, none.

    • Connect to the Cayman. Once the connection is made hit enter until you get login:

    • Unplug the powercord and then plug it back in.

    • As the Cayman restarts you'll see messages similar to this:
    Cayman PROM Console vX.X
    Cayman-3220 serial XXXXXXX(bootflags 0x1000000)

    • When you see the question "STAY IN EPROM?", hit the Y key a few times. You should come to "CaymanPROM>" or "BootPROM>".

    • Type "erase options" and hit enter.

    • You will be asked, "are you sure?". Type yes and . Make sure you spell out "y-e-s".

    • The options will be erased and you need to type "boot". This will restart the Cayman with the new, clean settings.

After doing these steps you should be able to surf into the Cayman like normal and input your settings.

Originally posted by LBB

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I can login ok but when i get to the "stay in eprom" it goes flash image 1: Cayman OS 6.3.0R7 copying 132b0c bytes of flash image from 880100 to ram at 280000. Inflater: found a.out: 2152076+183844+624583 (61% deflated) Inflating 907995 bytes to 2335920 bytes at 2000 ........................................................................ Starting image: entry point is 205c, bootflags are 0 00:00:00:00 L4 0 BR: Cayman OS version 6.3.0 (build R7) 00:00:00:00 L4 0 BR: Cayman-DSL1716545 (Cayman-DSL, rev 1), PID 0829 00:00:00:00 L4 0 BR: last install status: code flash successfully programmed Now i am at the login prompt w/ a blinking cursor but i cannot type anything (i.e. "erase options") Any ideas? I have tried using hyperterminal and teraterm pro... Is there a "hard reset"? Seems like my keybaord is not typing out anything once the connection is established....=(

    2010-04-30 18:19:43 (natere2 See Profile)

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