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Some users have reported that their routers were getting too hot and dropping the wireless connection. Here is one solution that lifts the router off of the shelf or other surface allowing for better heat dissipation and improved airflow:

Use four empty 35mm film canisters with the lids removed. Place the router's feet into the canisters to lift the router about two inches off of the shelf or other surface. This extra room allows for both better airflow.

Here is what it will look like:



Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • get a 9 volt computer fan mount it to the vent holes on the router then wire a 9 volt power pack to it, I had the same problem i've had it running for 3 days now with no overheating

    2013-02-05 10:03:54

  • If found this worked for me, although not during really hot days (40 deg C) where my room turns into an oven.

    2011-03-13 23:39:40

  • no, get one of those laptop cooling pads. get some velcro and plop your router on the fans and it will be as cool as ice and never cut off. the best laptop cooler is the antec laptop cooler to go.

    2009-04-13 11:20:04

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