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Well, maybe.

It involves clicking the "more details" portion of the tweak test result, and then looking down at the bottom right hand side for an entry saying "RTTavg."

Take this value and use it for latency in the formula: (latency) x 1.5 x (advertised speed in kbps) divide by 8

Example: MSS is 1460, RTTavg is 125ms and advertised download speed is 1500kbps.
125 x 1.5 = 187.5
187.5 x 1500kbps = 281250
281250 divide by 8 = 35156
35156 divide by 1460 (MSS) = 24.07
Round up to next even number = 26
26 x 1460 = 37960 (optimal RWIN)

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • robo606: Use the value from "RTTavg (last)" at the "bottom right" in the "more details" portion of the tweak test result.

    2013-03-14 21:00:12 (dwlamborg See Profile)

  • Should I use the value from "RTTavg (last)" at the "bottom right" or "RTTavg" located higher?

    2009-09-26 11:06:12 (robo606 See Profile)

  • ISPs sell in bits.. kilobits or megabits.

    2009-05-10 20:49:43 (redxii See Profile)

  • Is there an easier way to calculate my RWIN? (#6181): kbps = Kilo bytes per second? or Kilo bits per second?

    2009-05-10 15:44:20

  • MSS = MTU - 40 bytes (IP and TCP header overhead) http://www.internetweekly.org/llarrow/mtumss.html

    2008-08-15 16:50:11 (mnottage See Profile)

  • what the heck is MSS?

    2008-07-14 19:52:39

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