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1. Do a trace route from your computer to a site, like dslreports.com. Take note of the first hop and write it down. The I.P. address is the CMTS.

2. Set your computer I.P. address manually. Set your I.P. address like the first hop. Set your subnet mask to And set your default gateway to that first hop.

EX. First hop address is
I.P. address
Subnet mask
Default Gate

3. Check if you can ping the CMTS. Type "ping 10.xx.xx.xx". If you get a result then you are ready for the next step. If not change the last part of the I.P. address to a different number.

4. Now if you have the regular service your config file name is hsd1.5M.cfg. If you have the higher service your config file is named hsd3.0M3.cfg. Find the ip address of your tftp server. Here are the address for all regions.

California (except Sacramento): Region 2
Sacramento: Region 4
Colorado: Region 4
Connecticut: Region 6
Georgia: Region
Illinois: Region 5
Indiana: Region 5
Michigan: Region 5
Montana: Region 4
Ohio: Region 6
Oregon: Region 1
Pennsylvania: Region 6
Texas: Region 3
Utah: Region 4
Washington: Region 1
Wyoming: Region 4

Region 1 Seattle SAS Region
URL = »sas.r1.attbi.com
IP = and
Serves: Oregon, Washington

Region 2 Redwood City SAS Region
URL = »sas.r2.attbi.com
IP = and
Serves: California except Sacramento

Region 3 Dallas SAS Region
URL = »sas.r3.attbi.com
IP = and
Serves: Texas

Region 4 Denver SAS Region
URL = »sas.r4.attbi.com
IP = and
Serves: Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Sacramento CA

Region 5 Detroit SAS Region
URL = »sas.r5.attbi.com
IP = and
Serves: Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana

Region 6 Boston SAS Region
URL = »sas.r6.attbi.com
IP = and
Serves: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio

Gotten from Danboy.net aka djdanska's website.

Find your region and write down the I.P. address.

5. Now it is time to fetch the config file.

Choicelink users type: "tftp GET hsd1.5M.cfg".
Ultralink user type: "tftp GET hsd3.0M3.cfg".

6. Now that you file time to look at. Download this file: [url]»www.servodata.com.pl/ftp/ELSA/DA···xe[/url]. Rename the config file to a name like default.cfg or something. Then type in the command "docdisas default.cfg"

There you go now you can see what your caps are and more.

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