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When you preview your post before actually sending it, there is a row of options at the bottom by which you can elect to be notified when there is a response to your post:

If you select "email," you will be notified at the email address that you have provided to DSLR.

If you select "Instant Message," you will be notified by the flashing IM icon at the top of the page.

Clicking on the flashing IM icon will give you a link to the thread in which your response appears.

If the flashing icon is RED rather than YELLOW as shown above, it indicates that it is from the System or a moderator.

More Info: (Thanks to Pacrat See Profile)
If you started the thread, then you should get a reply notification every time someone hits "Reply" or "Topic reply." If someone responds to another poster in the thread by hitting "Post reply," you will not get notification. If you post in someone else's thread, the only way you'll get a reply notification is if someone hits the "Post reply" at the bottom of your posting. You do not get notification of every posting in every thread you post in unless an individual replies specifically to your post .

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last modified: 2008-02-23 09:47:39