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First, please use common courtesy and remember the basic guidelines:
1. Please do not hijack another thread. Even if your issue sounds the same or similar many problems like line issues, slow speeds, frequent disconnects, and synch issues are line specific and must be handled individually.
2. Any questions or requests for help should be posted in the forum itself. Please refrain from IM'ing (Instant Message) or emailing them directly to other members unless specifically asked to.

Now that you are ready, you should include the following information in your post:
Describe your basic problem
Type of FastAccess Service (DSL, IFITL, or DFITL)
Type and model of modem (if applicable)
Connectivity (USB or Ethernet)
Router type and model (if applicable)
Type of computer(s) and OS version(s)
Any firewall/antivirus software (if applicable)
What troubleshooting you have already done (if any)

For common issues check the FastAccess FAQ. Some quick links are listed below:
Slow Speeds
Troubleshooting Slow Speeds

Modem Setup and Configuration
Westell Modem
SpeedTouch Home Modem

Troubleshooting and Testing
Testing at the NID
Testing at the NID

Connectivity, stalls and freezes, or unable to access certain websites
Proper log in format
Stalls and freezes
Unable to access certain websites

Email configuration

Finally, please take a minute to read the Forum Posting Rules.

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