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A fellow who writes a well-known blog on 802.11b has decided to start a new one to cover Airport:

from the introduction:

    As Apple introduces its AirPort Extreme update to its wireless networking system, we thought it was time to launch an Apple AirPort-specific Weblog that would cover news related to using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless devices under the Mac OS operating system. AirPort is the center of the universe, but other wireless technologies spin around it.

    Who are we? I'm Glenn Fleishman, a freelance journalist who writes about technology for several newspapers and magazines (see »glennf.com/writing for past articles). Adam Engst is a long-time Macintosh journalist and one of the most well-known writers in the field; he publishes TidBITS (»www.tidbits.com/), the longest-running personal technology newsletter on the Internet.

The site can be found here

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