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If you use the site daily, your visits will increase by roughly one per day. Visiting multiple times in a day does NOT count as multiple visits.

You can [sometimes] be credited with two visits in a given day within twelve hour segments -- roughly 10AM to 10PM and 10PM to 10AM Eastern Time.

From a post by mjf [edited for continuity]:
You do not have to log in and log out to record a visit. If you have the login saved in the cookie, your visit will be recorded.

It is possible to visit and not have your visit recorded if you only stay for a short time or if you do not register active page turning. To check, go to your profile page ("my page" in the main menu, or just click on your user name) before you leave the site and check to see if "Last Visit" has been updated. If it doesn't show the current date and approximate time, your visit was not recorded.

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