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If you use the site daily, your visits will increase by roughly one per day. Visiting multiple times in a day does NOT count as multiple visits.

You can [sometimes] be credited with two visits in a given day within twelve hour segments -- roughly 10AM to 10PM and 10PM to 10AM Eastern Time.

From a post by mjf [edited for continuity]:
You do not have to log in and log out to record a visit. If you have the login saved in the cookie, your visit will be recorded.

It is possible to visit and not have your visit recorded if you only stay for a short time or if you do not register active page turning. To check, go to your profile page ("my page" in the main menu, or just click on your user name) before you leave the site and check to see if "Last Visit" has been updated. If it doesn't show the current date and approximate time, your visit was not recorded.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • How are visits counted? I usually am logged in all the time and visit the site multiple times in a day. It is a go to site for me. Depending on MS Security Updates my Uptime can be a few days and up to and over a month. The problem with W7 and not using Linux. I use Winbar progam to monitor CPU usage, Memory, Battery, Speaker Volume and more. My current uptime is 4days, 18:26.. I use Firefox and usually the most current version. I do have a number of security addons/extensions - ghostery, betterprivacy, donottrackme, adblock, noscript and more. Plus others to increase efficiency or provide tools to better use FF to do whatever. For fun I have been tracking my logins/uptime against my visit count. I have found my days visit and visitcount to be off. My visit count as recorded by your system is less than the days I have been on site. Of course maybe it is one of my addons/extensions messing with your cookie or whatever mechanism used to track my daily visit count? It is not a big deal, but it is something I have been curious for a while and just now found the time to ask the question. It is not a big whoop, just curious. Just checked your user name, cannot tell last time you logged on or posted. Just going to send anyway. I have been using the site since 1999 or 2000? It was my personal resource when doing tech support for USwest/Qwest for a couple of years. Good times, no scripts, could go anywhere on the internet [except pron], no blocked sites, fat pipe, decent knowledge base, well staffed, 4-10hr shifts, started at 4am when calls came in every 5 to 15 minutes, good times. And wages and benefits were decent then. When 1st there we only had dialup/isdn in Phoenix, when I left we had dialup/isdn in all 13 states and DSL in all major cities and minor ones, had pop presence for dialup in all major cities through us. I am sure I was a member before 2005, but for a couple of years between 2000 and 2005 I was involved in other ventures and was not logging in for over a year or more.

    2014-06-25 03:27:38 (hortnut See Profile)

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