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Many good people are denied DSL. Life will go on. However, many have to know why. Here are some reasons why people are denied service in telco terminology, translated to English.

1) Loop too long, NFA - This simply means that you are too far from the C.O., No Facilities Available
2) Line is on Pair Gain, RSU (Remote Switching Unit), DAML (Digital Added Main Line), RT (Remote terminal)- NFA - All of these items are, as Doc would say, "the same pig in a different dress". It means your line does not work directly from the C.O. For more info see "RT FAQ". No Facilities Available. They look for a good copper pair before denial.
3) Centrex on RT - DSL will not work on a Centrex line over an RT. The equipment is not compatible. DSL on Centrex or PBX should be avoided if possible.
4) Ported Number - This is when you bring an old telephone number with you from another exchange. Many businesses do this. Try re-ordering on a local #.
5) Door Answering Service - This is for people who can buzz the main door with their phone (usu. apartments). DSL is not compatible without additional equipment (splitters) added to the local system at your expense.
6) DPA (Dual Premise Address), OPX (Off Premise Extension), Dual Service (Temporary or Permanent) - This means your phone number works in more than one location.
7) Distinctive Ring - While technically feasible, not recommended. Cannot be ordered on "ghost" (secondary number) line. Must be ordered on "carrier" (main number) line. Good luck.
8) Excessive Bridged Tap - Some states do not have a bridged tap removal policy in place. Also it can be too expensive to remove Bridged Tap (cost will not be recouped).
9) Loads On Line, Removal affects Dial-Tone - This means loads are on your line, and removing them would adversely affect POTS service. You are probably too far out anyway.
10) CLEC Service - You are served by a POTS CLEC, no SBC DSL for you.
11) At Capacity - The CO or RT that would serve you with DSL is at capacity and has no more available cards for you to connect to. DSL service will be available when more cards are added or when another customer cancels service.

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