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What changes will be made?

1. Your new e-mail settings will be POP (incoming): pop.ameritech.yahoo.com SMTP (outgoing): smtp.ameritech.yahoo.com. The outgoing server requires authentication and the login id needs to be (userid)@ameritech.net (no parenthesis). One interesting addition is that, due to the authentication used, you do not need to be on your Ameritech DSL or dialup to use the outbound server.

2. Instead of accessing your account information at www.ameritech.net you will now log into sbc.yahoo.com. This site has more features and is more stable.

3. Up to 10 sub-accounts.

4. "Premium Services" that include the ability to upgrade the size of your inbox.

5. Web based e-mail access.

6. Nationwide dialup access. Just use your normal DSL login and password.

7. Better tech support (just kidding :))

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