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Plan Monthly Service Fee Included Data Additional Usage Rate

$5 Wireless Internet Plan $5 150 Kb $0.04/Kb
$10 Wireless Internet Plan $10 500 Kb $0.03/Kb
$20 Wireless Internet Plan $20 1.5 Mb $0.02/Kb

*Monthly Usage Limit is measured by the number of characters sent and received. One character = one letter, or number, or symbol, or space. 1000 characters = 1000 bytes = 1k

You should book mark the pages you visit using GPRS, you end up downloading a lot less. Compare the following activities when it was book marked and when it wasn't.

The first column is if it isn't book marked, the second is if it is.

2Kb N/A Access My Mobile Home Page
2Kb 1 Kb Check Local Traffic Conditions
5Kb 2 Kb Get a Weather Report
7Kb 1 Kb Find a stock quote
12Kb 1 Kb Look up a movie time
12Kb 1 Kb Read a restaurant review

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