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The InsightBB CD installs SA Agent ( BrixCare ). Insight uses the SA Agent software to test and monitor your connection from your end of the wire, for quality assurance purposes. Incidentally, an application called SA Updater is also installed, which apparently performs a similar function for SA Agent as the Windows Update Service does for Windows 2000 and XP. SA Agent and SA Updater will run in the background while you are running Windows.

The CD also customizes Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and network settings for InsightBB.

The CD may do other things. We honestly don't know what, but we haven't heard of any horror stories arising from use of the CD.

dannyges See Profile has this to add:
The software that customers get from insightbb.com for self installs has a lot and I mean a lot of drivers for all sorts of cable modem brands usb drivers and such. I am pretty sure it has a copy of IE 5.0 since older versions are not as secure.

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