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Prior to version 1.1 of the firmware the WAP11 had a major security vulnerability from both the LAN and WLAN side. By sending a broadcast packet to UDP port 27155 with the string "gstsearch" the WAP will return your SSID, your administrative password, your WEP keys, as well as any entries in your MAC address filter table.

If you perform the upgrade there are a couple of things to know, many people have been having issues with lockups, random WAP11 restarts after the upgrade. By following the following steps you can upgrade your WAP11 v2.2 successfully and alleviate these problems.

Step 1.
Download the firmware from »www.linksys.com/download/firmwar···fwid=163 and unzip it into a temporary folder on the computer you will be using to perform the upgrade.

Step 2.
Log into your WAP11 v2.2 via the web based administration utility and write down ALL your settings.

Step 3.
Go to the Password tab and reset your WAP11 v2.2 to the factory defaults, remember this will wipe out your password, the default password is "admin".

Step 4.
Using a computer wired to your network, perform the upgrade, go to » and click on the line "Upgrade Firmware", this will bring up a new window, browse to where you unzipped the firmware in Step 1 and load the .bin file.

Step 5.
After completing the upgrade power cycle the router.

Step 6.
Log back into your WAP11 v2.2 and begin putting your settings back into your WAP11's configuration pages.

The new firmware contains encryption to protect you against the vulnerability listed above. When you send the UDP broadcast packet to port 27155 after performing the upgrade you will only get gibberish back.

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