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If you happen to purchase a modem from a friend, online, or received a modem for another ISP, don't worry there's still hope!

WARNING!! This should be for advanced users only. This may cause serious problems to your dsl modem if the necessary precautions are not taken. Again, only do this if you find out your modem is unable to sync on your line.

For the SpeedStream 4060/3060:
At this time, there is no defined software to change this.

For the Westell Wirespeed:
At the main screen of the program, hit ctrl+alt+f7.
Proceed to the PVC tab.
The following items are found: VPI and VCI Table.
If you do not know your VPI/VCI contact your local telco. They will tell you; but don't disclose what ISP you use. Otherwise, try these common settings from across the globe:

UK, BellSouth835
Denmark, Orang835
France, Wanado035
Singapore Pacificnet0100

(List Credit to »steve-parker.org)

So if you're in the US, try using either 0/35 or 8/35. One of those settings will allow your modem to sync on the line.

Scroll down on the VPI or VCI.
Go to the VCI or VPI table and select the correct number.
Click EDIT VCI or EDIT VPI and click "enable" and then OK.
Click apply again.
Close and reboot modem.

ActionTec Hybrid:
At the main screen of the program, hit ctrl+p
Go to the configurations tab
configure settings there. they are similar to the one above.

Broadxent Blaster:
Set your device to
In your web browser put
username: USER
configure through the web interface.

If configured properly, the modem should sync.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • The VPI/VCI for the UK is 0/38, not 0/35 or 8/35 as you have stated.

    2009-10-06 05:15:23

  • What do you change it to? That important part seems to be missing. :-) I've read that it is supposed to be a VPI/VCI of 0/38 for AOL DSL.

    2008-11-13 20:48:23 (Doctor Olds See Profile)

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