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In addition to the terms of use of the site, all posts are accepted at the discretion of dslreports.com.

Here are the hard rules:

No user of the site has any right to post anything they feel like posting. If a user posts, they have to live with any editing or deletion or other moderator action without public complaint. Private complaints can be addressed via the contacts page.

Any poster who flames others is not posting according to the rules. Similarly, any poster who "trolls" is by definition trying to induce flames by others and is guilty of flaming by proxy. Neither is allowed here.

The discussion of "warez," "cracks," or the "how to" of uncapping modems is not condoned on the site. Period.

Do not take it upon yourself to point out where other members do not follow guidelines, because that leads to more off-topic posts and even arguments. Use the "Hey Mod" button.

Posting off-topic, or against the letter or spirit of the forum description, is not posting according to the rules.

"Thread Crapping" occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument. If you feel the need to turn a discussion into a debate, start a new thread instead.

Any poster who follows up ISP reviews and flames or insults the reviewer, rather than commenting on the subject of the review, is not posting according to the rules.

Any poster who sends obscene, threatening or insulting messages to any other users of the site is not posting according to the rules.

Any poster who uses a posting tag or sig line in an offensive manner, such as commenting negatively on another user, is not abiding by site rules and may cause such sig or tag to vanish.

You are prohibited from posting instant messages in the forums without the express consent of the author.

Private forums are just that. Private. In the case of the ISP Direct Forums, this means that direct quotes are prohibited.

Articles should not be posted in their entirety. The acceptable way to post external articles is to partially quote, add some personal comments and give a full credit with a link back to the original site.

Referrals are never permitted anywhere on this site.

Duplicate accounts are not permitted on the site.

Any poster may be banned at any time by name, IP address or other identification without any prior warning and without any explanation given.

Here is the kinder description:

If you are not disruptive, and you express your opinions in an intelligent way, your contributions will not be edited or deleted, and you will not be banned. 99.999% of our users do not run afoul of any of the "hard rules."

Moderators are instructed not to argue over actions they take!

If you have any issue with forum moderation, please do not raise your gripe in the public forums. We do suggest that you ask the moderators of the forum as a first step if you have a concern.  If the answer is not satisfactory, or you have other concerns, we have a new system which has been created for questions about moderation which you wish to keep private. »/forum/heymods functions in a similar fashion to the way our ISP Direct forums do. Only a poster and site admins/lead mods can see a topic in the forum. No other user will see your topic, so feel free to ask in privacy. Please remember that forum moderators follow guidelines but are not robots, and they are all volunteers (or they are volunteered).

If you have issues with site moderation, please take it up only with
fourboxers or tmpchaos
or via email at mods@dslr.net
You ruin any chance for a hearing by seeking explanations any other way.

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