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"SPAM" (posting unsolicited advertising) is not permitted or welcome on this site. This includes, but is not limited to, advertorials in forum posts, sigs or text and links of an overtly commercial nature.

We also do not allow people associated with a company to promote the services of that company in their posts or forum sig. For example, if you work for an ISP, promotion of your ISP or its sign-up page is not normally allowed in posts or in your sig. If you work for an e-commerce company, promotion of that company in posts or sig is also not normally allowed. Linking to your page on an auction site, such as ebay, is generally not acceptable.

Links to your own single-person and/or unincorporated business are allowable where the text associated with the link, or the link text itself if visible, is not overtly commercial in nature.
Examples NOT allowable:
  • Any text regarding referrals, where credit is received in any form; includes linking to your site that displays a referral
  • "Click here to sign up for great xyz service" (company advert)
  • "PC needs fixing? Click here for my website! Great rates!" (too commercial)
  • "Join book club today" (referral trawling)
  • "See my blog" (where the blog is a vehicle for referrals)
  • "" (where the site has a corporate/company face, and/or has employees or volunteers, other than the author)

Examples allowed:
  • Web Developer (where the link is to author's own single person enterprise)
  • "See my home page" (where the link is to a not-for-profit web site)
  • (where the site is an owner-operator enterprise -- author is sole employee)
  • A great website (link to a website that the poster has no financial interest in)
If there is any doubt, ask a moderator first! Use of a sig for a period without complaint from us does NOT guarantee it is acceptable. Our decision on which side of the line a given link or text falls (spam or not spam) is ours alone and is not negotiable.

Owner/Operators of sites with information or services that parallel or are similar to subjects we cover may be subject to more limitations than the above if it is determined that the site owner is frequently posting for traffic and business, as much or more than posting to assist other users.

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last modified: 2008-02-23 09:46:41