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Currently, proxy connections are only supported in DC++ for downloading the public hub lists. To use a HTTP proxy for this, enter the full proxy address (»my.proxy.com:8080) in the settings, under "HTTP Proxy." In other words, connecting to a hub through a proxy is not supported.

Using a proxy to tunnel all DC++ traffic through it is beyond the scope of this FAQ. While using a proxy can be helpful to help mask your real IP, it can also be abused for the very same reason, which is why it will not be covered.


DC++ Changelog Related Entries:
0.302:  Fixed a bug where the socks5 proxy was used for http proxy connections (thanks, dan fulger)
0.26:  M:5 in the <++ tag means socks5 mode (this should have worked since 0.20...)
0.23:  Fixed some proxy connection problems for the hublist (thanks, Ondrea)
0.20:  Added socks5 support (more or less...no gssapi support), works like passive mode; M:5 means socks5 in the <++ tag
0.163:  Added proxy support for downloading the hub list

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