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how-to block ads

By doing nothing!

DC++ automatically does basic search spam protection for you. Keep in mind that sometimes when DC++ detects a search spam, it might be because the hub is overloaded and sends searches in big lumps, making the flood trigger react as too many searches arrive at once. If more than 5 searches are received from the same user within 7 seconds, DC++ will send out this warning. Also, if a thread in DC++ hangs and consumes full CPU usage (like opening a really large filelist), it might also trigger the search spam notice.


DC++ Change Log Related Entries:
0.670: Improved search timer to avoid spamming hub (thanks, naga)
0.666: Fixed MyINFO spam when hashing 
0.174:  Search spammers are now ignored for 2 full minutes before they're given responses again

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