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No. BellSouth does not release your IP after a predetermined time.
BellSouth uses IPCP (Internet Protocol Control Protocol) not DHCP to establish sessions and assign IP addresses to end users for PPP sessions. Ending the PPP session is the only way to release the IP once assigned. Additionally, BellSouth static IPs are not a true static IP in the classical sense. It is dynamically assigned through your username via PPP, however it is always the same IP. Customers must configure their routers, modems, or NICs to automatically obtain the IP address. Do not try to hard code your WAN IP!

There are several common ways to get a new IP:
You turn off or reset your PC/modem/router or simply end the session by disconnecting.
Your modem/router/PC is set to timeout after a certain time of inactivity.
A configuration is set improperly on your PC/modem/router.
Your modem/router is dying and dropping the session or losing connectivity.
You have a physical line problem that makes you lose synch.
BellSouth disconnects you due to maintenance or an outage.

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