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From lackatee: No. Your televison should work better now that the tech is there installing new splitters and changing out old fittings. Also, Cable modems, Digital Phone, and cable tv, and run on different frequency's so they do not interfere w/ each other. You can rest assure your cable modem will not affect your television.

From Raydr: There have been cases of the cable modem interfering with TV signal, but this is almost always a case of very bad wiring or defective equipment somewhere. As stated above, each of the devices run on a different set of frequencies and theoretically should not affect each other.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I that case use Tris/DATA splitter

    2009-06-17 04:29:26

  • I think this isn't entirely correct. My cable modem is causing interference with tv reception (analog TV, no STB's). Channel 4 is very bad. My cable comes into a 2 way splitter, one leg to the CM, the other goes into a signal booster and then to a 4-way splitter (2 TV's and 2PC's with tuners). With the signal booster, all channels get horizontal lines when there is data traffic. When I removed the signal booster, mostly channel 4 is messed up. If I remove power from the CM, all interference stops. Plug power back in, and as soon as it finishes testing and traffic starts up again... the interference returns. To me this means the CM is interfering with the TV. This all happened after we had a very bad storm with power outage.. and the power guys were trimming a tree around the cable coming from the pole. CM is on battery backup, UPS with good power conditioning.. Not sure what killed it, but I'm going to pick up a new one. I'll not discount the possibility that it's something else, just can't think of what.

    2008-08-01 08:15:13

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