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You must have installed your Direcway software at least twice. That's how you got more than one satellite adapter registered on your computer. Dr.TCP detects 'extra' adapters even though they are not functional.

Removing them from your system involves editing your registry. It is prudent to back up your registry before making changes so you can restore it if you make a mistake. After you have successfully cleaned out any 'extra' adapters and rebooted your system, you can delete the registry backup if your computer functions normally.

To get rid of the unnecessary adapters(s) do this...

Open Network Connections. Write down the name of your satellite adapter so you will know for sure what to look for later.

Right click on your Satellite Adapter and rename it. Give it a unique name that you can recognize like 'KeepMe' or something. Hit Enter.

Click Start, click Run, type in regedit click OK.

If your operating system is a Win9X system (Win98, Win98 Second Edition, or WinME) go to SECTION A.

If you are running Win 2000 or Win XP, scroll down to SECTION B.


SECTION A (For Win9X systems only)

Step 1:
Click on HKEY_Local_Machine.
Click Edit and click Find.
Type in the name of your satellite adapter before you renamed it.
Put a check in the DATA box, uncheck the other three.
Click Find Next

Step 2:
The results you are viewing are in a folder which you can see in the left pane. It is shown as 'open' and is highlighted.

The folder immediately above the one which is open is the one you want to delete. It is the 'parent' of the one you are viewing.

Right-click on the 'parent' folder, identified with an alpha-numeric string that begins with VID. Click Delete and click Yes

Press F3 to find more duplicate satellite adapters. Remove all that you find using the method described above.

When the Find function has finished searching your registry, close regedit.

Open Network Connections and rename your satellite adapter back to what it was originally, if you so desire. (It's name can be anything you want it to be.)

Reboot your computer and you are done.

*** Credit to Rfsjr2 for his help in testing these steps for Win9X ***


SECTION B (For W2K and XP)

Step 1:
Click on HKEY_Local_Machine.
Click Edit and click Find.
Type in Connection then check KEYS and Match whole string only.
The DATA and VALUE boxes should be empty.
Click Find Next.

The first result found will be a subkey (in the left pane) called Connection. In the right pane you will see a VALUE called Name and the DATA will say Satellite USB Device (or DIRECWAY Satellite Connection in later versions of software) if it is the adapter you are trying to remove.

If the DATA does not say Satellite USB Device or DIRECWAY Satellite Connection, DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES!
Hit F3 to move to the next Connection subkey.
Once you have found a Connection subkey that matches the VALUE and DATA described above, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:
You want to delete the parent key for the Connection subkey.
That is the key, in the left pane, just above the one named Connection that you are currently viewing.
It has a minus sign beside it and is identified by a long string of numbers and letters.
Right-click on the parent key and select Delete then click Yes.

Press F3 to search for more instances of 'extra' satellite adapters and repeat Step 2 for each one that you find.

When the Find function is finished searching your registry, close regedit.

Then go back to Network Connections and rename your active adapter to whatever it was to start with.

Reboot your computer and you are done.

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