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IFITL (known as "PCData") is an extended 10Mb half-duplex Ethernet broadband service. IFITL is functionally similar to a standard Ethernet LAN connection and it does not require a modem like DSL. PCData requires a PPPoE client which will be configured on the router. This initial setup is all that is needed to configure and connect your Linksys based network for PCData. Any additional setup for features like WEP, DHCP IP ranges, port triggering, etc is out of the scope of this FAQ. The BellSouth Installation CD and Connection Manager are not required to use this configuration. Since BellSouth assigns static IPs via your username the configurations shown are applicable to both dynamic and single static IP customers. Important Note: Due to specific firmware issues, not all Linksys routers are compatible with IFITL. You should run the latest firmware available and check with Linksys if you have any questions. Please check the Linksys Download Website update instructions.

Section 1 - Linksys Router Configuration

Step 1
Verify that your NIC card is set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically". Completely power down all computers and connect one of the router's LAN ports to the computer NIC and power up the router and then the computer. Reset the router to default by pressing the reset button for roughly 25 seconds (exact placement of the button differs per model).

Step 2
Important note: The following screen shots are based on a Linksys BEFSR41v.2 router and your screen shots may be different, however the process and configurations are the same. Open a browser session and enter in the address field to access the Linksys Interface. At the Username and Password prompt enter admin in the Password Field.

Step 3
On the Linksys Setup page select PPPoE from the WAN Connection Type pull down. Enter your BellSouth Username followed by "@bellsouth.net". Enter your BellSouth Password. Select Keep Alive and enter 180 seconds Redial Period field. Do not enter anything in the Host Name or Domain Name fields. Finally, click on Apply to save the changes. You may get a "Settings are successful" message, click on Continue (if required).

Section 2 - Connections and Power Up

Step 4
Power everything down and physically connect the router to the wall plate and to any computer(s).

Pictures by Andy Houtz

Step 5
Power up the network equipment in this order:
•Linksys Router
•Open a browser session and enter "" in the address field to access the Linksys Interface. Click on the Status tab from the main menu and check the login status. If the current status is "Disconnected" click on the Connect button to log in to BellSouth.
•Go surfing!

Additional Important Information
•The Linksys "Auto" MTU capability does not function correctly on some models/firmware. You should manually enable the MTU and adjust the size to 1492 (or less).
•You should check your tweak settings to optimize your new network. Reminder: If you require changes to your MTU, make sure you set the same value for all equipment (PCs and routers) in the network.

Andy Houtz

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