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You will first want to contact your ISP and see if Newsgroups are offered to you. Also check to see that alt.binaries are not blocked. All of the newsgroups that begin with Alt.Binaries will contain files in them. If you are allowed access to Newsgroups and alt.binaries are not blocked then you are in luck. Your ISP will provide you with the addresses of the news servers, which you will then have to configure in your binary newsreader. If you have to use a pay service then you will have plenty of choices to make regarding your provider. A few to look at are.

Easynews »www.easynews.com
Giganews »www.giganews.com
Useneserver »www.usenetserver.com

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  • Hey Hugh, Just a short note to see if you might consider adding our Usenet resource site (http://www.newsadmin.com) to the info within your FAQ. NewsAdmin.Com includes realtime Usenet stats, newsgroup provider comparisons, newsreader reviews, and articles related to events effecting the Usenet community. Based on the feedback we receive, most folks seem to find the info helpful. It's a public site that is free to access, so there are no memberships or registration required. Thanks for your consideration! Best regards, NewsAdmin.Com / Martin staff@newsadmin.com

    2009-02-12 14:07:40

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