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One should use caution when making any changes to the system registry (even DRTCP modifies this), which is a database of parameters that control the operating system. Many programs apply patches that make unknown changes to the registry, which is risky, as it may make it difficult or even impossible to remove them if they do not function as expected. Many tweaking patches add many unused, look-alike references to the registry, making it more difficult to manage overall. Some patches have also been known to insert invalid or system-wasteful parameters into the registry. If a patch makes changes, be certain you know what they are, what their intended effect will be, how valid the parameters are and how to remove all of them should it be required.

Several of these "speed patches" add superfluous RWIN settings that do nothing other than cause slowing due to packet loss. Don't believe the hype about huge RWIN settings. RWIN simply doesn't work that way.

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