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The 2Wire HomePortal has basic line monitoring capabilities. It can monitor Data rates, signal to noise ratio, attenuation, and power. It does not capture advanced statistics like attainable line rate, ATM rates, or line capacity. Click here to learn more about line statistics, what is being measured, and recommended values. If you are troubleshooting a pronblem you should isolate the inside wiring and check your modem stats from the NID.

Step 1
Open a browser and type in the address field to access the 2Wire Interface. Click on the View Summary link.

Step 2
Click on View connection details link.

Step 3
Detailed connection information.

Andy Houtz

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  • Can I run an ethernet cable from 2701HGB to second computer instead of wireless? Thank you. Bernie Gearhart

    2011-05-09 10:08:44

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