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A: Individual requirements of services are different, so no one will have or need the same list of services set to Disabled or changed to Manual. Therefore, you will have to do this via trial and error based on your requirements.

Event Log and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) should never be changed regardless of what guides say. Most of the services are dependent on either Event Log and/or RPC so disabling these will cause almost every service to fail.

However, there are a couple good sites that can help you through this:
Tweaking NT Services
Windows 2000 Professional and Server Services Confiqurations

If you have any problems after applying these tweaks you may want to go back to the defaults, you can use these links that will tell you what the defaults are:
NT Services
Windows 2000 Services

For information and links specifically for Windows XP, please see the sister FAQ -- What Services can I change to speed up my system? (#2892)

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