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Usually, this is caused by not power cycling the modem when attaching a new device to the modem. The cable modem stores the MAC address of the previous device it was communicating with. When switching to a new device, the MAC address has changed, and therefor the cable modem is trying to send information to the wrong device.

To correct this, one must unplug the power to the cable modem, then plug it back in. After the modem shows the proper connectivity lights, then turn on the new device and the internet should work. Sometimes a "factory reset" is required in order to clear the MAC address.

Eastern Division Users

Customers have to perform a factory reset on their modems to make them work when switching devices. This is performed of course by taking a paper clip or such and pressing the pinhole on the back of the modem. (This doesn't apply to com21 comports) If a modem does not have a reset they can either contact charter to have the host cleared or disconnect the coax for 3-4 hours to get it to unassociate itself from the old MAC.

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