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The forum pages (and the home page) will be delivered to your browser in COMPRESSED HTML, if your browser can support it and if you do not have any 3rd party add-ons that may get in the way of this feature and force us to drop down to non-compressed html.

How do you know a forum page is compressed? View any topic, and check the very bottom -- down there in the fine print. If there is a RED note that says "Page compression is OFF," then you may be able to gain a remarkable boost in speed by changing one option:

For MSIE: Tools Internet Options Advanced Tab.

Scroll down to the HTTP 1.1 Settings section and make sure the option "use HTTP 1.1" is checked!

Then RESTART YOUR BROWSER. (Possibly unnecessary with IE6 SP1a.)

Note:In order to use page compression, you must have "HTTP 1.1" enabled in your advanced settings in IE. By default, this box is checked. However, if you are behind a proxy, you may have to go into advanced settings in IE and enable HTTP 1.1 through proxies. ZoneAlarm and some other firewalls will turn off page compression to facilitate scanning for malicious code.

Now reload one of our pages, and the warning should be gone. Pages are now being delivered COMPRESSED to you, speeding up page loading remarkably, even on DSL or cable the difference is amazing.

If you follow the steps above and still see compression indicating off, look for programs such as Cookie Cop or others that cause use of a proxy. It seems that many of these programs that force your browser to run through a local proxy turn off page compression. ZoneAlarm and Ad/Subtract are others that are frequently mentioned as causing problems.

A note about Add/Subtract Pro:

There is a workaround for ASP. Every time ASP starts at Windows boot, or when/if you exit and restart ASP, it changes the HTTP 1.1 Proxy setting to OFF for page compression. To fix this, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced: Recheck "use HTTP 1.1 thru proxy connections." Click OK and page compression is immediately ON for the rest of the session (so long as you keep ASP running and don't exit, reboot or restart ASP).

This turns page compression ON immediately, no need for restart/reboot. (Indeed, you do NOT want to restart or reboot, for the reasons explained, because ASP will re-initialize and turn page compression OFF, and you'll have to manually turn it ON again through Tools, Internet Options, Advanced settings.)
Submitted by RandyBell.

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